November 6, 2013

Korean Nerf Blasters?

I was browsing the interwebs when I stumbled across these toy dart blasters from Korea. They appear to be marketed as sports equipment, as shown by the Olympic themes on much of the packaging. This makes plenty of sense, considering that sporting purposes are virtually the only reasons civilian Koreans have for using firearms - ownership there is rare, and the gun laws are very strict. Nerfers from Singapore can relate to this situation.
Super serious.

Some more pictures off the website after the jump.There are three blasters: a pistol, a rifle, and a double barrel shotgun.

As you can tell, all of these blasters have integral dart storage. The first two are advertised as having 15m ranges (~50 ft). I was unable to find a definite number for the shotgun, though.

They also operate like you'd expect. The pistol is a pullback blaster, the rifle uses the pump, and the shotgun is break action!

Note the two triggers!
Remember, these are very lifelike in design, and could be mistaken for real firearms at a distance, so any usage of these would automatically require a repaint in nice, bright colors.

I've seen these pop up occasionally on Ebay, so who knows. Perhaps someone will grab one of these for science one day!


  1. i wonder if the shotgun loads from the back or the front of the barrel?

  2. i wonder if the shotgun loads from the back or the front of the barrel? gbwhatsapp

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