April 5, 2013

Announcing the Nerf Concept Compendium!

Starting next week, I'll be slowly compiling an online encyclopedia of Nerf concepts and mechanisms, going from simple to complex. We already have encyclopedias for blaster models, directories for modifications, and the like. What I never see is a collection based on how things work. I run out of fingers before I finish counting how many times I've seen someone ask how Big Salvo or Hornet tanks work, for example.

I'm inviting you to send in suggestions of things you'd like to see added. Feel free to drop a recommendation!  If anything, this will help accelerate the "noob" stage of entry into the world of Nerf, so you don't have to ask the silly questions later :)


  1. Well I'll drop what I know. First off there is 3 main mechanisms for firing Nerf darts:
    1. Spring (most common)
    2. Flywheel (pretty common)
    3. Gas (such as an air tank and pump or even compressed CO2)
    >>ALL springer guns can be single shotted.
    That means if the plunger, cylinder, trigger, catch, and something that holds those things together are still intact, you can epoxy a CVC barrel on the front and you've got a pistol.

    There are a few factors that rate a gun: distance, speed (FPS), rate of fire (ROF), usability (basically how easy is it to load, use, ammo compatibility, size if for CQB or whatever, that sort of thing) and spread (accuracy). Those 5 factors determine a good Nerf gun.

    I have a dozen or so mods I've made using more info than this; this project is good for people to make cool stuff. I am interested and would like to see the final product.

  2. Hahaha, I was more implying suggestions on which topics to cover first, in case there was something of pressing interest. But thanks!

  3. Rapidfire 20, I can't get my hands on one and I'd like to know how it works