March 31, 2013

Retaliator, Skylanders, Tek 5 Firing Comparison

Here's a rough video I shot - soon I'll have access to a real camera, haha.


  • Stand in one spot, holding blasters parallel to the ground at eye level (or at least as close as possible).
  • Fire with all Elite Darts
  • Fire the Retaliator first, as the control blaster. Given that Elite blasters have been around for a while, most of us already know how well/far they'll shoot.
  • After firing the Retaliator, place the camera at the mean range.
  • Fire the other blasters!
  • Keep in mind that there is a couple feet of dart skip, since I am on pavement.
As you can see, the Skylanders pistol actually shoots on par with the Retaliator. The Tek quirky, to say the least. The barrels are about 1/8" too short for Elite darts, and the giant dart pegs are too tight on many darts, even some older Buzz Bee darts that I randomly grabbed for testing.

After I drilled out the dart pegs (opening the air inlets in the turret to 1/4"), the Tek 5 shot much harder, but still a bit short. I blame this on the turret design - the air bleed slits in the turret are exposed almost immediately on firing, hampering the available power. Rebarreling will help this a lot.

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  1. can you do a ultimate mod guide for the Retaliator thanks