March 30, 2013

Tek 5 Review!

I spotted one of these at a Dollar General on the way home from class Friday, and grabbed it. The NIC has known this blaster existed, but actual samples have been scarce, at least here in Ohio. So I'll shell out the $8 to buy it and go over it for you guys (and girls).

If you're thinking it looks like a Maverick're halfway right. It functions the same, for certain, and it has the barrel weaknesses typical with Buzz Bee turrets. But the internals are decent. Read on for more!

The first issue is trying to disassemble the blaster. This neon green piece is slid into place and locked in by little barbs. Have fun prying it out.

After that, the rest of the blaster comes apart easily. And once we get inside, we find good news. A normal plunger!

There's roughly two inches of draw on the blaster - fairly typical for any Buzz Bee blaster. There's a ridge on the backside of the catch that the trigger makes contact with to fire the blaster.

A closer look at the rotation mech. Aside from being for only 5 barrels, it's almost identical in layout to a Maverick.

Now for the turret. It's essentially all one piece, thanks to factory plastic welding. Sturdy, but lacking. Almost immediately after the inlet holes, the barrel has an open gap. This will severely cut range - a rebarreling is a necessity.

This blaster is amazingly thin - it's only a little more than 2" wide at the turret, and 1 1/2" wide the rest of the time. Very minimalist, and it should make it easier to holster.

Until further testing, I'll go on my usual feelings for Buzz Bee pistols - weaker than Nerf unmodified, but up to or better than Nerf when it comes to modding.


  1. Thanks for posting this review, I was looking for more info on this blaster.

  2. Have you had a chance to mod this at all?

  3. can you make a mod guide for it on YouTube