October 9, 2011

Whoa, People are Watching Me!

Why the heck not? I figured I'd post odd things here in there while Nerfing, and we have a 1000 pageviews! Sweet!

As a thank you, I'm going to do up a Scout, with the works (modded, paintjob, etc). Post comments on this thread, and on Wednesday at 11pm, I'll randomly select the winner!

Everyone needs a good sidearm, right?

I haven't decided on a color scheme, but let's be clear: enter at your own risk. You might ed up with a pink or fluorescent blaster. But one that kicks ass ;)


  1. Yes we do view, great work, love it. And pink is awesome! My fluro pink Ts was the scariest blaster on the field til it broke :( but hey, I'm interested in your scout, contact me through snizer749@hotmail.com if I win ;)

  2. I'm one of the two followers. I vote pink and teal PJ!

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  4. I'm sure if you make it, it'll be boss.