October 11, 2011

Buffdaddy Presents: The Reclaimer

After lots of work, my first real Longshot project is (mostly) done!
Admit it, you want to make sweet sweet love to this blaster.

As far as modifications are concerned: I have a cut down K26, reinforced spring rest, reinforced catch and catch spring, modified PETG breech, boltsled reinforced with aluminum sheeting, AR removal, and deadspace removal. Also the paintjob. In case that wasn't obvious. Paintjob is iffy in a few areas, but considering this is my first real foray into major painting, I'm very pleased with it.

Also, since this was my first major Longshot, I decided to have fun with it and add LEDs. Just took $5 to get a string and battery pack at Michaels. I didn't get as nice a diffusion of light as I wanted, but for a first time, it'll do.
The switch. Battery back can be accessed once the blaster is opened up.

Several LEDs shining everywhere.

Thanks to Forsaken Angel for questions concerning LEDs, The Inventor Guy for his Aluminum Breech (I used PETG in my variant), and the community in general for the knowledge obtained modding Longshots.

Right now, I'm only getting 70' with slugs. I still need to tighten up the plunger seal and make the breech airtight, so after those steps, performance should be much better.


  1. LED's emit light. Therefore, I declare thee shiny!

  2. Pretty cool Buffdaddy. I like. :)


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