October 1, 2011

Air Zone Quickfire Review

Just found and bought at the East Lansing Toys R Us. Right off the bat, the aesthetics are a win.
Behold, the key to being Rambo.

Right off the bat, looking at it, it's a cross between a Vulcan (chain and rotation), Stampede (looks), and Auto Tommy 20 (flywheel). The "clip" holds 6 AA batteries, and there's an On/Off switch on the left side. Turn it on, the flywheels spin up. The trigger then fires the darts in automatic.

With a removable, collapsible stock.

Has an electric switch linked to the presence of a chain, just like the Vulcan.

In its full glory.

Here's a quick firing video; I'm a bit angled here, but I'm getting 40' flat stock. So far, have had no feeding troubles or misfires.

The blaster looks great, feels great, and shoots great. While flywheels defeat any attempt at stealth and limit modding potential, I could see myself using this at a stock Nerf war, or (once the voltage is increased) as a suppression/Defend the Core blaster at a modified war.

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