July 2, 2018

Prometheus Tear-Down

Since I'm mainly doing reviews over on Blasterhub...why not look more in-depth at the inside of things here? It's not being put to use at the moment, anyway.

First, the overall view.

The Prometheus is very much an elongated Nemesis, with extra long agitator and conveyor belt, in order to accommodate the increased rate of fire. If you've rewired a Nemesis, you're doing essentially the same thing here in terms of modifications. Each motor has a board soldered on it, etc. In the case of the Prometheus, however, the wires are a LOT longer, especially with the firing controls up on the rear handle. This is one of those cases where, if you have MOSFETs available, I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to rewire everything in the rear handle.

Lots of wires.
The thumb safety moves a plastic piece out from behind the rev trigger (the lower one). Pressing the rev trigger naturally spins up the motors, but it also sends a voltage signal to the small board behind the agitator. The top trigger, meanwhile, operates the agitator/conveyor motor.

This little computerized board does a few things: turn on the handle's dual color LED, operate as determined by the battery voltage (green = charged, blinking red = low, solid red = blaster must be recharged). 

8 cell NiMH might be close enough to be able to replace with a 3S without harming the board, but don't quote me on that. I imagine most people modding a Prometheus don't really care about the extra LED, anyway, and will just wire it like a Nemesis.

Quick and dirty drawing of all the various wires. And yes, it's badly done, but I hope you can figure it out until I make a much better one not based on lack of sleep.

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