December 10, 2017

Doomsayer Files Up on Thingiverse!

I've been doing lots of projects in my down time, one of which is getting back to an old mod I'm familiar with. I've built several Doomsayers, and noticed that aside from Polycarbonate spacers being made, that actual barrel spacers don't really exist. I went ahead and took care of that.

Files for CPVC and PETG spacers are online, free for anyone to use. In addition, for the fun of it, I also made drop-in barrels that will friction fit within the existing support structure. That way, you can have a 12-shot Rotofury replacement if you so desire. Not that you really should, but you have the option. Eventually, I want to get around to modeling the rest of the cylinder so that you can swap them out for maximum silliness.


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