June 5, 2016

Updates in Trademarks and Patents!

Apologies for the gap in postings! Between work and more work, I've been slow to post content of any kind. In addition, I'm now a contributor over at Blasterhub, and will be posting things there as well. I won't be neglecting my own blog, however. Not intentionally!

If you search the Hong Kong Intellectual Property office, you'll find several design patents that have been submitted by Alex Brands. We've already seen the Air Warrirors Cyclonic and Night Tek in previous press releases as well as at Toy Fair. Something we haven't seen is this clip-fed pistol.

The trademarked name "Ultra Tek Reaper" has yet to have a blaster associated with it, so that may be a possibility. In any case, this blaster appears to be an Ultra Tek Champion in a great new shell.

The top and bottom views are here.

Next, we have plenty of new trademarked names for future Water Warriors blasters.

Finally, for those of you concerned about the state of Boomco, it's not exactly dead yet. As of last week, Mattel had a patent approved for a "Dual Compression Spring Projectile Launcher" by the USPTO.

According to the document and associated drawings, this is a clip-fed, bolt action blaster with an extended faux barrel that can flip into a shield. Two springs power the piston, with one spring being compressed on each motion of the priming handle, both forward and back. Think of it as the springer equivalent of a dual-action air pump.

That's all for now. As always, I'll post any other interesting things I find!


  1. That Reaper looks AWESOME! I'[ll be wanting one of those, until then, have to make my own from a beat up Champion! Great reporting, man!

  2. Wow, what early news! These look really cool. The Gargantua was pretty solid, I'm hoping they only build on that next year.

  3. What is the purpose of the "dual spring" in the boomco blaster?

  4. any news about the boomco patent realesed? was it scrapped or cancelled?

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