May 9, 2016

Lanard Toys Gets a Makeover!

A while back, I had the chance to chat with a member of Lanard's design team. Since then, I've been on the lookout for updated products. Now, the website is brand new!

While there still aren't normal product pages listing the various products, there are slide shows from some of the product lines, listed on the page or otherwise. And some items like Total Xstream Air and Total Crush have pictures, but aren't advertised as product lines.

Some items of note: Huntsman is now being advertised as a core item line.

Blasters like the Crank Cannon have been moved to "Disc Domination".

Finally, some of the ball blasters are under their own line, called "BallistX Blaster".

It would appear that some blasters have NICE new color schemes. Including favorites like the Tri-Blaster (or here, the Tri-9).

I'll be on the lookout for any more interesting developments, as well as availability.


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