January 10, 2016

Zuru Xshot Max Attack Review

During my New Year's trip to Canada, I stopped in several stores to see the inventory. I ended up seeing several interesting things at ToysRUS, including the new Xshot clip blasters. I had to pick up at least one for experimenting!

On the back, above the UPC label, you can see the other blaster in the series, the Hurricane.

Internally, the Max Attack is very similar to current Elite-type clip blasters from Nerf. For easier picture demonstration, I have already taken the blaster apart and removed the stock and barrel pieces of the shell.

The slide has to be pulled back to insert or remove the clip, just like most Nerf CS blasters. You can press an orange button on either side to operate the clip lock. Also notice how the clip says "MAG SYSTEM", even though the box says "clip system". Seems they can't decide on the proper term...

With the slide back, you can see how far back the plunger and its irregularly shaped rod move.

With the shell apart, we can see the bolt sled and the barrel assembly. The sled has a hole on either side, and a protrusion from the slide sits within that. Not exactly the bastion of structural integrity, if you modders out there are thinking of using stronger springs. That's one area that will need reinforcement.

With the slide back, you can see where everything sits - the plunger, catch piece, etc.

For your information, the plunger tube has an ID of 1 1/16", while the plunger has a draw of 2 1/16". It's less than you would find in a CS blaster. Then again, Xshot darts are shorter than Nerf darts.

The green flap in front serves the same function as the dart tooth in the front of a CS blaster - it holds the dart in place while the barrel moves over it upon the return of the slide. Pulling the trigger swings it out of the way before the dart fires.

If you look down the barrel, you can see the air restrictor. Same old, same old.

Here's the issue with the blaster - remember how Xshot darts are shorter? That's reflected in the length of the clip. Nstrike and Xshot clips are NOT compatible in any way, which is a huge downer. Especially when Buzz Bee Toys has managed to ensure cross-compatibility in most of their newer blasters. While separate clips are available at retail, the lack of compatibility makes adoption a much tougher sell. Personally, I might convert this to just shoot stefans.

One final note: the barrel, as it turns out, is 1" ID, and has rifled groove in it. It does nothing for this blaster, but it would provide a nice barrel for testing the effects of rifling on my mongo stefans.

Outside, at an angle, the blaster averaged 70' in distance with moderate spread. If you made the blaster any stronger, though, accuracy would go right out the window. These darts are some of the lightest darts on the market, and in my opinion are even less stable than Elite streamlines. It's a fun blaster to use, and for $25CDN was decently priced. But the inherent lack of compatibility simply kills it.

At least with brands like Buzz Bee, they've made their lines compatible with existing dart equipment. In other cases, like Boomco, there's an entire product line as well as dart and blaster characteristics that can, for some people, justify a new ecosystem (dart accuracy and clip capacity, for instance). Zuru has neither of these things with their clip series blasters. The only potential advantage is price. I don't think that in itself is enough motivation, but you might disagree.


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  2. i would like to buy extra cartridges and emailed the company and they don't sell them seperatly this is for the x-shot hurricane so i need to load real quick when my grandson of 5 years old is using the one that has 80 or so bullets he gets me everytime i am in my 60's and love playing with him with these after school bought some others on line but are 8cm wide and i only need 7 1/2 here's hoping they might decide to sell extra one soon

  3. i took mine apart to fix the arm holder thingy and a bunch of pieces fell out so i wanted to look up a photo to see what the inside looked like but then i found out where it was supposed to be

  4. Thanks bro, i repaired the gun, i needed that picture inside.

  5. Jas anyone here modded this blaster? O need to see one fire with a better spring