January 14, 2016

2016 K'NEX K-FORCE Sneak Peak!

Thanks to perusing various toy industry magazines and sources, I've come across information about upcoming K-FORCE blasters. Remember how, among the NIC, we complained that all the models, regardless of size, were just Jolts mounted on frames? Yeah, that's changing.

Click to enlarge, THEN right click to open image in new tab. The full picture file is actually quite large.
Among the new blasters to be introduced at the London Toy Fair later this month are the Super Strike, a revolver-type blaster holding five darts, and the Flash Fire, the first K-FORCE clip-fed blaster (holds ten darts). There is also a K25X Rotoshot featuring "all new rotating blasting action", whatever that is supposed to mean.

It will be interesting to see exactly how these blasters operate. The clip-fed blaster would appear to be some kind of flywheel blaster. I see no plunger tube behind the orange casing, so I assume this would operate like a Stryfe. Only you physically make the dart pusher. The revolvers, meanwhile, appear to still have space for a priming rod, like previous models.

By all appearances, sales of K-FORCE items have gone well. If we're lucky, maybe K'NEX had the foresight to allow compatibility with Nerf clips. Time will tell!

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