June 7, 2015

New and Updated Dart Zone Blasters!

While checking store websites for updates and weekly ad specials, I came across two interesting entries on Target's website: an updated Scorpion Commander blaster, and the Powerbolt Belt Blaster!
The Powerbolt, as listed, comes with two dart belts and 36 darts (18 darts per belt) and is advertised with 80' ranges. By all appearances, this is a springer similar to the antiquated Buzz Bee Belt Blaster, but with much better performance. It's nice to see PTT making extra belts available, instead of only being able to order extras online directly from them. They do appear to be made slightly different from Scorpion dart belts, though, with an extra wide ridge on one end (for air restrictors?), so they may not be cross compatible.

 Speaking of the Scorpion, there's going to be an updated version, with 18 darts as opposed to 20 in the first version. It would seem 18 darts is their new standard belt length.
 It still has the rotating barrel, of course, that does nothing for performance but still looks cool.
Both blasters retail for $19.99. Looks like Nerf's going to have some serious competition coming this summer and fall!

EDIT: Blasterlabs informed me that the official release date for these blasters is August 2nd. Be sure to check their website for updates, as product samples will soon start filtering toward the PTT offices (should be sometime this week).


  1. I was sure I was going to get Rivals, but now that I see that the ranges are only 70', and that the accuracy really isn't that great, the power bolt seems like the best possible blaster, esp after mods.

  2. hmm i do love the rotating barrel of the scorpion but that does not excuse its rate of fire though but i feel after a couple of modding tricks i may be able of make mine a better fire rate Gatling maniac

  3. Awesome blog! Now In anticipation of a follow-up ….

  4. Does the powerbolt belt blaster take special darts

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