June 11, 2015

Looking Up Patents: The Hong Kong Files

This is more of an informational post than anything. Most people can search through patents simply by using Google. Seriously, try Google Patents.

There's one place that Google doesn't cover, for some reason. Hong Kong is important mainly for looking up the designs of off-brands like Buzz Bee.

If you go to their database website, you can search trademarks, patents, and registered designs. In the case of patents, you can come across interesting things, like Buzz Bee's patent on a blowgun triggering mechanism. Seriously, check it out. You prime and/or pressurize the toy, and blow a small shuttle piece to either trigger the plunger or hit the blast button.

You can also come across design patents, many of which are for the upcoming blasters. I'll be honest here - I've known what many of the new Buzz Bee blasters were going to look like for quite a while. The information really ism't that hard to come by. I just tend to wait for things to near the end of development/approach production before saying anything.

After all, why spoil the fun so early, especially when first impressions can be wildly incorrect?

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