January 9, 2015

Nerf Mega Bigshock Review + Basic Mod Guide

Among the new blasters for 2015 is a larger Jolt that fires Megas. The Nerf Bigshock continues the recent trend of using a simple, proven design and putting it in a new package. While we have seen a million Jolt clones already (ok, maybe not THAT many...), making a larger version is at least enough of a change to warrant further examination!

There's not much more to explain about a blaster like this. When fired outside at an angle, most Mega darts landed 65'-75' away. Firing flat, however, had results all over the place, due to the instability of using huge streamlines - once the darts start curving, darts land anywhere from 60' away to a mere 30' away. Using my homemade chronograph, the Bigshock averaged 54 fps after averaging out fifty test shots, with little variance between shots. So, as is usual, range issues are a dart problem, not a blaster problem.

Now for some basic modifications!

The Bigshock has a fancy shell that's easy to unscrew, revealing the internals. As usual with Jolts, the actual blaster portion is fused together, aside from the screws at the rear of the plunger tube.

Once you've removed the actual blaster, use a flatheaded screwdriver and a pair of pliers to peel away the square cap at the pack of the barrel assembly. This piece seals off the air restrictor, and is luckily only lightly bonded to the rest of the blaster. As a result, you'll have the following:

The AR is rather large, and once you've removed it, a set of needle nose pliers can easily take out the dart peg assembly.

So, what do we do with that gaping hole? Turns out it measures exactly 7/8" in diameter, which means you can fit 3/4" CPVC tubing in there. In my example, I used a CPVC bushing, then sealed in an aluminum spacer with hot glue. It's a temporary measure until I make further changes. For example, I might add an RSCB by simply shoving CPVC tubing partway into that gap, and then adding a barrel for micros to the front. 

Performance with the AR removed improved, with chronograph results increasing to an average of 60 fps with the included Mega darts. This blaster has plenty of power, and it comes at a decent price (I found one at Target for $8). Go ahead and grab one, even if you're just going to have fun lobbing Mega darts at your friends and family.


  1. Thanks for this! I wanted to do this w/o modding the barrel, which most people seem to want to do. Instead of the PVC and aluminum spacer you used, I went w/ a 15/16" rubber stopper for $1 from Lowes and cemented it w/ a bit of epoxy. Same results though!

  2. pretty good but id rather just get half inch apex piping and tape some electrical tape around and cut it, then stuff it in so it doesnt stick out. and then if possible fix the airseal on the plunger

  3. I made a BigShock with the ability to fire Rival HIRs, Micro-sized darts such as Elite and Accustrike darts, and, of course, Mega darts. I did this with nothing but a small screwdriver set and a busted Longstrike. I broke the air restrictor so that it would no longer be an issue, and I could fire HIRs out of it. Then, I took the plunger tube assembly out of the Longstrike, broke the air restrictor in that too, and took the plunger off. The Longstrike plunger fits surprisingly well into a Bigshock barrel, and I've had no issues with getting a good air seal. Just push it in until it stops and you're fine. I named it the Scavenger.

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