January 20, 2015

K'Nex K-Force Updates from the London Toy Fair!

Apologies for my absence, as I didn't have internet access for a while. A semi truck taking out your phone line tends to do that, it seems. But I'm back in time to go through some news from the London Toy Fair!

First, we have a nice video from the BBC concerning the fair in general. If you skip to 1:13, you can see a discussion about the K-Force line!

See the video HERE at the BBC's website.

One source for new pictures is here at a German blog. I've posted some of the pictures here just in case. Interestingly, the blasters are advertised to shoot ranges of 75', just like Nerf's Nstrike Elite line. They're also promoting the customization of their blasters, for obvious reasons!

They look cool to me, and now I'm wondering how easy it would be to throw a larger plunger tube onto these blasters. To be continued!


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  2. I honestly don't think that they are going to succeed with these blasters. They would be useless in a war cause they would probably break at the smallest bit of contact with the ground or something else. But still, kinda cool!

  3. I really like this concept, but i kinda wish they would make some smaller sizes. The huge ferris wheel size thing looks cool but takes up a lot of room.