December 7, 2014

Toy of the Year Awards Candidates

Every year, the Toy Industry Association (a non-profit that lobbies on behalf of all member toy companies) holds a Toy of the Year competition. Essentially, it's the Oscars of their particular industry. And we have some relevant products among the finalists, if you care enough to vote for them!

Per the Toy of the Year website:
Representatives from any toy-related company are eligible to nominate products and/or properties for the TOTY award categories.

Submitted nominations contain detailed explanations of the product’s play value, creativity/originality, application of new technology, creative manufacturing processes, commentary on how the product is meeting marketplace expectations, and details of outstanding, unusual and/or creative execution of artwork, product/package design, and promotional strategy.  
An unlimited number of products may be submitted per award category, but no more than two products from the same company may appear in an award category on the finalist list.

In the Boy TOTY category, the Nerf Mega Thunderbow made the finalist list.

If you head on over the the Outdoor category, we have two items of interest: the Zing Toys Firetek Bow, and the Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker Dolphina Bow. Personally, I'd pick the former.

Consumer votes count for 25% of a product's weighted score, so your votes will at least count for something. If anything, please vote for the Firetek Bow. It has amazing performance for the price, and small companies need all the help they can get, including good publicity!


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