August 19, 2014

Blaster Blogs in the Wild!

I was at Walmart the other day, seeing what items were in stock. Most of the new Rebelle and Buzz Bee toy blasters had yet to appear, although I did find some of the now-abandoned Buzz Bee Splash Darts, which I bought just for the fun of it. Then I came to the R/C section and found this:

"Shoots farther, fires faster, hits harder...Period."
That's right; Skyrocket Toys is quoting the Blasterlabs review on the front of the box! Out of interest, I checked the Skyrocket Toys website to see if anything else was cited - turns out under news, they have a link to the Bay Area Nerf review.

It's pretty awesome seeing reviews from the Nerf Internet Community on packages. Obviously, since this isn't a Nerf product, it doesn't have the name brand recognition, so having a glowing recommendation from a serious site is going to help in the effort to move merchandise. I'm not saying the rest of us aren't serious. I just doubt I'll see "Buffdaddy Nerf" on a box anytime soon. :P

Congrats, Blasterlabs!