August 11, 2014

Another Prime Time Toys Update - Talon Dart Blaster

Seems these guys aren't done expanding the product line yet! As per the website:

The Dart Zone Covert Ops Talon holds 5 darts in the Powerstrike® auto-revolver and shoots super darts up to 70 feet! Quick load, pull back hammer and revolver action make this a must have blaster. Includes...
  • 1 Talon Dart Blaster
  • 5 Super Darts
  • One auto-advance rotating cylinder
  • Great for ages 6+

That's three new blasters so far - the Talon, the Renegade (under the Air Zone brand), and the Scorpion. All using their new darts, which are roughly on par with Nerf Elite streamlines.

The handle looks a bit small, but we'll see once we have a blaster in hand!

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