April 17, 2014

Dollar General Dot Sales!

Now that spring is in full swing, keep an eye out at your local Dollar General! The various stores are running through their old inventory, with blue and yellow dots on the price tags (or gold stars...). Some weeks are for clothes, others for seasonal. If you pay attention, you can make a killing during your store's toy sale. Namely, half off the sticker price.

That's $2.50 for a Panther. I'm happy :)

In my case, I was lucky enough to spot some Buzz Bee Panthers in the back of the store, on the high shelves reserved for old toys. Obviously those are in short supply, so I'll run through some of the blasters I spotted with dots on the tags. Inventory will vary by location, and in some cases stores will have the same blaster marked differently, with one store adding the dot and the other not doing so.

  • Buzz Bee Air Max 1 (be sure it's LAST year's inventory, with the larger packaging. The new stock with the smaller piece of cardboard isn't marked)
  • Buzz Bee Air Max 6 (the original white version, not the newer, green model)
  • Lanard Huntsman Boomstick
  • Lanard Clear-X Ball Blaster II
  • Nerf Maverick (seriously, though, why are you looking for one?)
  • Zuru Xshot Vigilante
  • Zuru Xshot Dual Double Pack

To be clear, I found 6 Panthers today. It was a good day, getting all these for $20 plus tax.
Good luck finding things in the coming weeks - even if the Air Max 1 has a smaller tank than the Panther, $2.50 for one is nothing to sneeze at for a good sidearm.

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