April 24, 2014

Cited for Nerf Wars?

I spotted this article on Reddit, under r/nottheonion. Just another case of people overreacting to blasters in public.
Clearly a deadly weapon. Well, at least in JCVD's hands.

Per the article:
One parent who saw the Nerf gun battle, Scott Hansen, said police went too far in issuing disorderly conduct citations. Wausau West High School officials have also placed some students on athletic probation. School spokesman Jeff Lindell said the Nerf gun game comes up from time to time and keeps evolving.
 One of those things these days, with all the concern about guns. If anything, don't go to wars and use blasters with realistic paintjobs.


  1. Police in Livermore, Calif. want high school students to end their yearly mock battle with Nerf guns. his explanation

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