September 23, 2011

Nerf Vortex Updates

First, I finally found some Vortex Mission Kits at Walmart. You can finally get those extra clips!
Only  few bucks more than getting the ammo refill.

Also of note, while cruising the interwebs, I found an easy way to expand your clips to hold ton of discs. Crazy for Nerf used fluorescent light protector tubes (available at any major hardware store) and wire from notebooks to make a 27-round clip, and it's roughly the same size as a Stampede clip. Earlier discussions on the NIC had suggested using PVC and Reactor advancement springs, but this appears to work great.
CrazyforNerf, that is simply genius.

Assuming you have the discs to fill it, this is a great way to get extended clips without buying a Nitron (Praxis is better by far).

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