September 23, 2011


For those wondering, I do contracts for people in spare time. I have experience with many kinds of mods/overhauls, ranging from turret-based blasters (Quadshots and Doomsayers) to air-powered blasters (Big Blasts, Airtechs, etc) to some original homemade blasters (click HERE for more info).

If asking for a mod, email me HERE. PLEASE include the following:

Blaster desired for modding/painting
Blaster availability/rarity: (i.e. Do you have it? If not, I'm buying the blaster, and that will be included in material costs. Offer accordingly)
Specifics on the desired mod (breeches/hoppers, barrel materials, spring additions, etc)
Offer for the mod (if the offer doesn't even cover basic material costs, I will send back a counteroffer).
-Please note the offer does not include shipping

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