August 12, 2016

The Newest from Zing: The Firetek Switchblade!

This is an interesting find I came across yesterday. While looking at shelf tags at Walmart, I found one for a new Zing bow that, for the moment, still had older Firetek Bows above it. After searching online, I came across the website of a design firm in Hong Kong, where I found the next big thing in Zing's lineup!
Ooooh, pretty!

The bow works just like the previous model; you can light up the arms, and your arrows get ranges of up to 145'. The twist here is that the Switchblade folds up, and it unfolds at the press of a button.

Remind you of anything?

I'm Hawkeye, and I approved this product.
Fun gimmicks aside, the folded position would be great for storage and transport, provided it doesn't end up compromising the elastic tubing (similar in concept to leaving a blaster primed without firing it).

Speaking of Hawkeye, I see designs for a potential cosplay prop...