July 3, 2016

Boomco News: Mattel Goes for the Girls

In another sign the Boomco isn't going away anytime soon, we have a Farshot clone being marketed toward young fans of the Ever After web series and associated toys. Introducing... the Ever After High Epic Winter Snow Shot Blaster! *enter fanfare*

Aside from two blasters being marketed as Wonder Woman toys (the Gauntlet and Slambow, which really weren't heavily aimed at girls anyway), Mattel really hasn't had any feminine blasters. Nerf has ruled that sector with the Rebelle line with relatively little opposition. So I find it somewhat surprising that Mattel would try something like this. Even so, it at least has an interesting design going for it.

In a picture album from the Ever After High Dolls Facebook page, we see that it comes with 8 darts. Five darts can go on the blaster (including the barrel), and another three can be stored on the included bracelet. Operating instructions are exactly as expected.

I haven't seen a confirmed price, although Entertainment Earth has it listed for $13. If anything, it's at least an interesting reshell. But I'm not sure I like the Farshot being turned into Mattel's Nerf Jolt that gets endlessly reshelled and rebranded.


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