April 4, 2016

Massive Water Blaster Inventory Update!

While I was out on the town today, I made sure to make several stops to see what water blasters were in stock, aside from ones we've already seen (like the Buzz Bee WW Gargantua). Turns out there were plenty of surprises!

Dollar General

The usual knockoff blasters were there, as well a couple Buzz Bee offerings. However, two of the new Xshot Hydro Series blasters were present. They're both unimpressive, sadly.


At Meijer, there was an entirely new line of zombie-themed soakers, made by Aqua Leisure. However, you can tell that many of these use the same molds as other blasters. For example, the Zombinator is EXACTLY the same as Buzz Bee's Avenger.

The other blasters on the shelf aren't ripoffs of any company in particular, but I recognize them from other dollar store type soakers.

Here's the entire collection as shown of the back of the Zombinator.

Other side of the package!

Contact info on the bottom of the box, for those interested.


This was a genuine surprise for me. SO MANY WATER WARRIORS BLASTERS! The Waterlord was in stock, in all its glory, along with the Steady Blast, Barbarian, and other recent models.

It seems Buzz Bee is bringing back some old models, seeing that the Yellow Jacket is here, more than 12 years after its introduction. With new colors, of course.

Speaking of re-introductions, the Pre-Chargers are back! TRU had the Xenon, which is nearly identical to the old model, aside from a lever switch replacing the toggle button for changing between pre-charge and water pumping modes.


The usual Swimways Flood Force models were here.

Even the pool noodles are by Swimways, although the foam swords are fairly nice!


As of yet, Walmart is the only US store I've seen with the Aqua Beast, as well as the Gargantua.


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