August 19, 2015

Mississauga Massacre: An After Action Review

As you may have noticed, the blog hasn't been updated recently. That was for good reason, however. If I wasn't working, I was preparing things for a war in Canada. And you know how serious things can get up there!
Just wait until the moose show up.

We played at Erindale Park, in Picnic Area A (with a permit for most of the day) and had a fair bit of fun. Three members of the "old guard" were there - k9turrent, Curly, and myself. We had a grand total of eight people - certainly not the fifty-something of Canadian wars past, but a good start after a few years of no wars in the area.

As it currently stands, we hope to have a war happening every few months. As an American, I can obviously only come so often, but hopefully I can lend support when possible.

Here's footage from just a few of the many rounds we played!

Perhaps the most satisfying moment of the day came at the very end, when a family stopped by to see what we were doing - a mom, young preteen daughter, and two older brothers. We let the brothers play with some of out homemades, and the mom and daughter grabbed some of our Pistol Splats, and they had a blaster going after each other. The girl really got excited, however, when I pulled out one of my bows (in this case, a Marshmallow Crossbow with its trigger removed) and nailed her brother with it. :)

All in all, it was a fun weekend. I even managed to find some blasters that aren't here in the US yet. So I'll have lots of reviews on the way!

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