March 7, 2015

UK Toy Magazine News - New Products and Oddities

Blaster toys are available in more places than just the United States, so I've been perusing the latest issues of various toy magazines. Here's a few tidbits from the United Kingdom! We'll start with Toy World Magazine, which has advertisements for Petron Sports' Sureshot line of sucker products.

In addition to the upgraded crossbow, Petron has a new, spring-powered sucker dart rifle. It's pump action, and while I imagine it's a dart pusher (as opposed to a plunger) launching the plastic dart, it could still be interesting to look at.

The March issue of Toy News (Issue 159), meanwhile, had articles showing off two electronic toys. The first one is HoverTech, which features targeting drones that can hover in place a certain distance from the ground or ceiling.

I also came across this animated web banner while I was researching HoverTech.

Finally, Bladez Toyz has an RC quadcopter, the Mycropodz Quad, that supports a wide variety of add-ons. Among those? A water blaster and a target missile launcher. Although clearly people are most interested in the bubble machine, obviously.

However, I doubt this uses actual darts, considering another RC product uses thin plastic "missiles".

In any case, it's interesting to see new products from off the beaten path of Nerf, Buzz Bee, Xshot, and other common blaster brands!


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