November 5, 2014

X-Shot Blasters Now Available Online at Target!

One of the signs that you're making it in blaster retail is when a major chain begins to carry your product, under your name. To that end, I have to give my congratulations to Zuru! Target is now carrying several of their blasters online, and at reasonable prices, especially for double packs.
While X-shot blasters have been seen at ToysRUs, it has almost always been under the TRU "Air Zone" blaster brand, not that of the original company. Let's hope the exposure proves profitable, as Zuru is coming out with many new products in the coming year!


  1. This looks as if it will be another sniper rifle that will disapoint us. How about nerf just goes ahead and makes a bolt action sniper rifle so we can complain about it and mod it, not just complain like we have to do with these:

    1. The Range Master has been out for a few years now, and is pretty decent. It's an air pressure blaster, just like the Air Max series, and can be easily modded for good ranges.

    2. That's a good point. I just sort of hate how they tried to make the predator seem like it would be better than the hunter. All of us should of seen this from the start.

      1. Scope. Okay, it was kind of cool that they had a scope, but it throws off the entire color scheme. The other thing about it is that like all other dart gun scopes, it doesn't work! I know, it shouldn't work anyway. but it wobbles on the tactialrail.