October 3, 2014

Zuru X-Shot Excel Series Found!

For some reason, in spite of the huge blaster market here in the United States, it seems that off-brands like X-Shot are slow to make it to shelves. It's been getting better, though, and now the yellow Excel blasters are popping up in the wild!

Although the discs look like large pats of butter.

All of the blaster packages now feature more "mature" box art, and all claim 55' ranges with the included darts (which tends to actually be an understatement with this brand). In my case, the blasters were all seen at a local Dollar General.

Also note the Pink Series hiding behind the Micros in front.

Even the blaster variety is improving, as this is the first time I've seen Scope blasters in a mainstream store.
Yay! You might be able to find these now!

One item unrelated to X-Shot: I saw this toy sniper "rifle" nearby. The fake bullets seem to be roughly dart-sized. Perhaps this shell is begging for a conversion?


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