June 25, 2014

Buzz Bee Toys Now on Facebook, Confirming BBBB Replacement!

While the page has existed for a while, only recently has Buzz Bee updated their Facebook presence, showing off their most recent products on the market and even touting a Blasterlabs review of the Water Warriors Outlaw.

In an exciting development, after expressing his love of the Buzz Bee Big Blast, Ryan Giles (member of the Facebook group Nerf Modders Welcome) got this response:

Now we know what that recent trademark was for! Glad to see Buzz Bee is still making blasters people love, including the air blasters Hasbro seems to have forgotten.


  1. The followup response form Buzz Bee about the design of the Blastzooka was the following:

    "The Extreme Blastzooka and the Big Blast are very much the same except the Extreme Blastzooka is not as large."


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