May 12, 2014

Nerfhaven Homemade Contest - Three Weeks Left!

A head's up to any potential contestants - time is running out! I myself have one entry under construction, and an easy one at that - I just need to get off my ass and finish it before June 1st!

I'm making a cheap +bow/SNAP hybrid, using a spray paint "can gun" for an inexpensive handle and trigger. For the catch, I'm using some aluminum tubing - also easily available at your basic hardware store.

Looks to be an easy way to operate a SNAP-style catch without placing too much force on the plastic trigger.

I'll post updates soon - I expect people to get their ideas together and enter the contest, too! Just an ida of the things on Langley's wish list (you know, the guy running Nerfhaven):

Langley's Wish List:
  • A pump-action plusbow writeup with step-by step instructions, photos, printable stick-on templates, and a mcmaster parts list. Should not require any tools beyond what is required for the original plusbow. 
  • A writeup for a pull-back SNAP (or SNAP-like blaster) that you could build with a hacksaw and a cordless drill. Break it down and make it as easy as possible to understand, including everything you need to know about making the trigger work and getting a decent low-friction seal.
  • A writeup for a pump-action snap that can be built entirely using parts from brick-and-mortar stores. 
  • A writeup for a Rainbow Pump or similar blaster. Writeup should address common points of failure and pitfalls. McMaster parts list, extensive photos and instructions, diagrams, cutting templates (if applicable) are expected.

There are two main problems that I am trying to solve here:
  • The average person will have to read multiple threads and/or make at least one failed attempt before they really understand how to build a SNAP. Most people aren't going to 'get it' until they read the clothespin trigger thread, maybe a thread or two about plunger heads, and a couple different snap designs before they arrive at something that they can use at a war that won't break on them.
  • With few exceptions, people aren't making 'Open Source' homemade designs anymore. There are a lot of people making 'commissioned' blasters, but Ryan is pretty much the only one who posts full writeups anymore when it comes to the more complicated 'Plusbow' class homemades.

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