December 9, 2013

Purple Heartbreaker Bow!

Thought I'd show this for anyone interested: stock photos have appeared for a new color Heatbreaker Bow, including on Hasbro's website. Interestingly, starting from the Rebelle home site and clicking on the bow for information still brings up the old pictures - I assume Hasbro will make the change sooner or later.
Forget white blasters with bling - solid colors are in!

So, if we're making more recolors of Rebelle (the Heartbreaker Bow, by the way, is #5 in Google searches for Christmas toys this season), does this mean the new product line is doing well enough to see new blasters in the future?


  1. This version is said to come with an adjustable sight. It does clearly say adjustable sight as one of the features so I am more inclined to believe it but nothing in the pictures proves so. I compared what it said with the normal one and this one doesn't say anything about the dart holder that the normal one comes with yet has it in the pictures? I compared the pictures to see whether the new one was just photoshop of the old one but it is not so I have no clue.

  2. This is not the first Heartbreaker bow variation to be released. In stores there is the occassional teal Heartbreaker bow that circulates quite fast and in minute quantities as far as I can tell. At TRU we carry an exclusive version called the Golden Edge Bow which we sell for about $7 USD more depending on sales and the store - it comes with a small cardboard target and the blaster is base of white with gold paint and gold glitter on it, which makes it relatively gaudy.