July 20, 2013

Exclusive First Find: Lanard "Huntsman" Branded Blasters! Coming this August!

These were spotted on the updated website for the Meijer supermarket chain in the Midwestern United States. It appears that Hasbro isn't the only company that can re-release blasters in cool new motifs! Score one for Lanard Toys; they seem to be hitting the market with these right as the Nerf Zombie blasters were about to shamble onto store shelves. For example, a rebranded Triple Shot!
More pics after the jump!

There are some old and new blasters being released in this series. The Triple Shot (pictured above), Shell Shock, and Double Barrel Blaster are all released with different color schemes and names (Pillager X12, The Judge, and Boomstick, respectively). However, there are two blasters I've never seen before in any form.

These are the Swiftstrike Crossbow and the Commando12, our two newest members of the Lanard blaster family.
The crossbow appears to be a simple pull and release blaster, which dampens some of the excitement. However, the Commando12 is a different story.
This blaster is the tacticool crowd pleaser. Bolt action, clip-fed, stock and scope, the works. Also helps that it claims 50 ft. ranges. While I cannot speculate on the internals at this time, I do hope there's room for improvement in there.

For complete price listings, see THIS LINK to Meijer's Toy section, which also has many of the Lanard blasters available with the black/orange/yellow paint job.

Finally, the obvious question: WHEN CAN WE GET THEM? Meijer lists all the Lanard blasters on backorder. BUT, it expects these items to be available for shipping on 08/02/13.

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