March 3, 2017

Prime Time Toys, Water Warriors Update

Neither Prime Time Toys nor Buzz Bee Toys had brand new Dart Zone or Water Warriors  (respectively) on display at Toy Fair. The only clue to anything new was the painted mural at Buzz Bee's booth, which featured a boy wielding a Steady Stream X.

Turns out Dollar General has that blaster on shelves for summer. And the back of the box has pictures!

The Steady Stream X is just a reshell of a staple in BBT's arsenal. It's at least better than the standard piston-type soaker, though.

The big news, however, is info on the Drench Force! It looks like a shotgun, and sounds like it has power, with 50' range claims!

In addition to the Steady Stream X,  Dollar General is carrying a wider variety of PTT's lineup. The Quickfire Eagle was previously only part of Toysrus's Air Zone/Stats Blast collection. There are also two packs of the  Quickfire Triblast.

EDIT: after searching for more Drench Force info,  I stumbled upon a Supervalu University  presentation on market strategies for Summer 2017. Included are pictures of available water toys, including the Drench Force. Another surprise? WALKING DEAD WATER WARRIORS. They appear to be simple blasters, but we shall see in the future.