November 2, 2011

What's Been Going On!

Well, first thing's first. My most recent project, aside from finishing things and trying to get things shipped out:

Taking a Super Soaker Arctic Shock and making a nice Nerf pistol out of it. And by pistol, I mean "DEATH FOAM". In any case, I'm gonna replace the pump, add LEDs to the tank, and a few other things before I'm through. I'd really like some kind of pressure indicator (or better yet, an electric pressure switch to run tubing to, that's make the LEDs light up once you get to a pressure you can fire at).


  1. Considering I can't, no. IT's the standard multi-checkvalve setup for water blasters with the pressure tank separate from the reservoir - you suck water into the pump, you push it back out. There is no OPV for you to plug. Now, once I replace it, I could.....but considering that's at least 200mL of volume for storing air, plugging the pump is a bit redundant.